The Child Protection Research Centre (CPR) investigates, online and on location, possible cases of child trafficking with an extra focus on sexual exploitation and abuse. The Foundation helps individuals who do not (yet) want to go to the police, but also (care) organizations, NGOs and government agencies. who need extra help with research.

CPRC also has an education program for training forensic ICT / DevOps specialists in the Netherlands and abroad who want to contribute to stop child trafficking.

CPRC works closely, both in the Netherlands and abroad, with partner organizations that are involved in prevention programs, research, victim liberation, offering shelter, medical and psychological care, rehabilitation, legal guidance, reintegration and monitoring to prevent revictimization. To protect children and vulnerable young people against threats of (sexual) exploitation and abuse, we also fight the invisibility and impunity of individuals guilty of human trafficking and abuse.

You can download the CPRC policy plan here.


Meet The Team

Jon Doe

Koptekst 6

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Jane Doe

Chief Executive Officer

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Gideon van Aartsen

Chief Executive Officer

Child rights jurist Gideon van Aartsen, former investigative journalist and TV documentary maker for the Dutch Public Broadcasting in the field of environmental issues, human and child rights violations, is specialized in combating child sex tourism and child trafficking.

Gideon was a member of the Free A Girl Supervisory Board for six and a half years. In 2015, he set up WATCH Nederland for Terre des Hommes (with Fier / CKM and ECPAT / Defense for Children), a project aimed at tackling so-called 'lover boys', pimps forcing children into prostitution.

Not only in the Netherlands, but also abroad, even in developing countries, the sale of children and teenagers for sex has exploded online. Cause: ever better internet connections and the massive introduction of smartphones and social media. Child sex providers and customers have become invisible and elusive, victims virtually impossible to find.


Gideon approached cybercrime specialist Bas Eikelenboom to develop online detection and intervention tools against sexual exploitation and abuse of minors with CPRC, to combine these with on-site research in the Netherlands, and to make them available to foreign research and intervention partners.

The Child Protection Research Center Foundation is advised and monitored by a Supervisory Board. The members of the Board do this selflessly and have no business relationships with the members of the board. Because of their many years of expertise in areas of great importance to CPRC, they are very valuable to the Foundation.

Vice chairman


Ryanne van der Eijk.jpg


Ryanne van der Eijk 


CXO at Ras Al Khaimah Zone Economic (RAKEZ)

United Arab Emirates

Ryanne was the Chief Customer Experience officer in the executive team of KLM and COO of Dubai Airports before she joined as a CXO at one of the largest Freezones in the UAE.

She is an inspiring, critical, independent mind, an expert in the area of transformation and likes to challenge the status quo. Due to her extensive commercial, operational and international experience she is strong in building multidisciplinary teams. 

She is strategic but at the same time her hands on mentality secures that vision is translated into strategy, targets, actions and concrete results.


Ryanne: “In a time when child exploitation, abuse and trafficking is increasing, partly due to the rapid technological developments, I would like to personally contribute to reducing and preventing this problem with the CPRC Foundation, together with our partners at home and abroad. ”



Jolanda van Boven


Director Van Boven Legal Consultancy

Mrs. Jolanda van Boven is specialized in health law, focused on healthcare providers in primary and secondary health care. In addition, she is an expert in the field of privacy in chain and network cooperation. This concerns both cooperation in health care and in the public domain such as Centers for Youth and Family, Public mental health care and Safety Houses.


In addition to being the director of her legal consultancy, Jolanda is also co-founder of Leertuin Samenwerken aan Zorg & Veiligheid (Educative project on cooperation in Care & Safety) and de Stichting Veilige Haven (the Safe Harbor Foundation, that seeks to improve cooperation between health care and care providers).


The reason for her involvement in CPRC is that the protection of human rights is only possible if we cooperate in an integrated and multidisciplinary manner. This requires new frameworks we must work on with many partners, governmental and nongovernmental . She would like to contribute to this.

Tjipke Bergsma.jpg


Tjipke Bergsma


CEO at War Child Nederland

Tjipke Bergsma is an enthusiastic, engaging and inspiring top manager and director, with enormous international experience, both commercially and in the field of child rights protection and fundraising. In the past, he has served as senior vice president of human resources and organizational development at Transavia, director of international programs at War Child, director at Plan Nederland and deputy CEO at Plan International. Tjipke also lived and worked in Senegal, Ecuador, Denmark and Panama, among others. From the latter country he directed Plan programs as supervisor in 12 Latin American states.


Tjipke is also specialized in marketing management, new business development and change management. He enjoys a broad international network, is an out of the box thinker, strategic and results-oriented.



Hans Meetman


Accountant at 216 Accountants

Hans Hameetman worked for almost thirty years as an accountant at KPMG MKB BV and at KPMG International Business Support. He advised SMEs, DGAs and family businesses on tax returns, business succession and financing, and assisted foreign companies that had newly established themselves in the Rotterdam area for start-up, tax registration and financial administration.


KPMG MKB BV was taken over on 1 April 2015 and the activities continued under the name 216 Accountants.

Supervisory board

The Child Protection Research Center (CPRC) Foundation is an initiative of children's rights jurist Gideon van Aartsen and high tech crime specialist Bas Eikelenboom. Both devoted themselves for years to the fight against (sexual) exploitation of minors and decided to join forces and set up CPRC in 2019. With the financial support of Free A Girl, the Foundation could be officially founded on March 12, 2020.