CPRC is a civilian research NGO.

CPRC investigates online and on-site:

  • Child sexual exploitation

  • Child criminal exploitation 

  • Child pornography: Production and distribution of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)

  • Child sex tourism (including travelling child sex offenders who set up shelters, schools, orphanages etc.)  


Internationally we closely cooperate with like-minded children’s rights and child rescue NGO’s, private investigators  and international and national law enforcement agencies in order to combat child (sexual) exploitation and abuse, rescue victims and fight impunity.

Our research could be divided in:

  • Proactive research & intervention

    • To detect and stop traffickers and exploiters

    • To detect, deter and stop online prostitution customers and other child sexual abusers such as groomers and travelling child sex offenders

    • To detect organisations, companies, websites and other fora that offer services to CSEA-predators 

    • To detect and rescue victims 


For proactive research and intervention we use tools for systemic identification, analysis, separation and syntheses as well as web crawlers, honeytraps and artificial intelligence. 

  • Reactive research & intervention

    • We investigate incoming reports on CSEA from

      • Private individuals (victims, their families or friends, witnesses)

      • Children’s rights and child rescue NGO’s

      • Concerned caregivers such as social workers and health professionals


For both proactive and reactive research CPRC uses specially tailored online tools and technology to detect and combat CSEA.

Reactive research also includes reading obtained (e.g. through parents) cell phones and computers.


Through engagement of our NGO-partners we guarantee child victims, liberated through CPRC research and intervention: shelter, medical and psychological support, rehabilitation, juridical guidance, responsible and safe re-integration without the risk of re-victimization. 

Report CSEA! We help everyone and guarantee your anonymity if so wished.